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Our approach ties interior design components together, keeping in mind the space as a whole.

Custom Stained Glass

Water Restaurant on Howard Ave.

We focus on finding solutions for any design challenge – from obscuring an unsightly view to transforming the mood on an entryway into one of stately elegance.

Custom Stained Glass

Ciccio and Tony's Restaurant on Howard Ave.

Using bold primary colors, these custom glass panels were backlit to add color and ambience to the dining experience.
Custom Stained Glass

Ceviche Tapas Bar & Restaurant

This stunning, 10 ft. portico is iconic, providing a visual bridge to the interior of the space.

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Stained glass window at the Cuban Club restaurant
The world famous Columbia Restaurant, founded in 1905.
Stained glass window at the Cuban Club restaurant
The Cuban Club, located in historic Ybor City.
custom glass at a commercial space
Custom antiqued mirror inside a bar
Antiqued mirrors at a restaurant
A design featuring multiple framed, antique mirrors for The Wine Exchange in Old Hyde Park.
Antiqued mirrors at a restaurant bar
Custom, antique mirror design created for Taps Bar, Lounge, & Restaurant in downtown Tampa.

Proudly serving the Tampa Bay area for twenty years.

logo for a restaurant
Logo for Columbia restaurant
logo for Cerviche restaurant
Logo for Ciccio Water restaurant
logo for The Cuban Club restaurant
logo for Dubliner restaurant
logo for Wine Exchange restaurant